Megjelent Elek Péter és szerzőtársai cikke

Heterogeneous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on lung, colorectal and breast cancer incidence in Hungary: results from time series and panel data models Abstract Objective During the COVID-19 pandemic, health system resources were reallocated to provide care for patients with COVID-19, limiting access for others. Patients themselves also constrained their visits to healthcare providers. In this […]

Megjelent Szabó-Morvai Ágnes, Lengyel Balázs, Biró Péter és szerzőtársaik cikke a Nature Scientific Reports folyóiratban

Understanding hesitancy with revealed preferences across COVID-19 vaccine types Abstract Many countries have secured larger quantities of COVID-19 vaccines than their population is willing to take. The abundance and the large variety of vaccines created not only an unprecedented intensity of vaccine related public discourse, but also a historical moment to understand vaccine hesitancy better. […]

Megjelent Elek Péter, Bíró Anikó és szerzőtársuk cikke a Health Economics folyóiratban

Income gradient of pharmaceutical panic buying at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Abstract We analyze the timing, magnitude, and income dependence of pharmaceutical panic buying around the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hungary. We use district-level monthly and daily administrative data on detailed categories of pharmaceutical purchases, merge them to income statistics, and […]