Adamecz-Völgyi, Anna

Anna Adamecz-Völgyi has been a research fellow of the Education and Labour Economics Research Group in CERS-IE since 2019, supported by the OTKA Postdoctoral Excellence Program. She has earned a PhD in Economics at the Central European University (CEU) in 2016. In her thesis, she evaluated the effects of educational interventions. Before CERS IE, she worked […]

Antal-Pomázi, Krisztina

Krisztina Antal-Pomázi graduated as an economist with a major in industrial organization at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2008. Afterwards she continued her studies as a PhD student at the same university. Her thesis analyzes the regulation of public procurement from a game theoretic perspective. In 2007 she spent a semester at the University of […]

Bakó, Tamás

Tamás Bakó graduated at the University of Pécs as an economist in 2007.  He began his doctoral studies at the Pannon University in 2009. His thesis analyzes the job search behaviour of the unemployed and the on-the-job search behaviour of workers, as well as the effect of efficiency wages on labour supply. He started to […]

Bakucs, Lajos Zoltán

After graduating in 1999 from the Economics Faculty of Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Lajos Zoltán Bakucs was admitted to the Management and Business Administration PhD Program of the Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration (now Budapest Corvinus University), where in March 2005 he obtained the PhD degree. In September 2003, he became a young […]