Health and Population

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Barnabás BENYÁK / research assistant)
Kristóf Máté NAGY  / research assistant)

Mária VOLKOV (research assistant)

Research focus

Research focus

Health is a key determinant of individual well-being, also, health is known to have a central role in ensuring economic development. Population health has direct linkages, among others, to fertility, mortality, labour market outcomes and population inequalities. Little is known about the socio-economic reasons and consequences of poor health, and health inequalities in the Central and Eastern European region. Insufficient access to health care and inefficient delivery of health services might also contribute to the comparatively poor health outcomes. Poor health then can be a key explanatory factor of low economic activity.


Our research group investigates the links between health, health care, demography and socio-economic conditions. The research focuses primarily on Hungary and is expected to shed light on potential policies to improve population health and economic activity. This focus of the research is complemented with research projects using international data, conducted in international collaborations.

The research plans are organised into three broad topics: 1) infant health and maternity; 2) health and patient pathways during active ages; 3) health and economic activity at older ages.

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Momentum “Lendület” Grant 2018 – 2023

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