The paper of Tamás HAJDU and Gábor HAJDU was published in Economics and Human Biology

Hajdu, T., Hajdu, G. [2018]: Smoking ban and health at birth: Evidence from Hungary. Economics and Human Biology, 30, 37-47. Newborns at the ...   Read More »

New release: The Hungarian Labour Market 2017

THE HUNGARIAN LABOUR MARKET 2017 Editors: Károly Fazekas, János Köllő The Hungarian Labour Market Yearbook presents the actual characteristics of the Hungarian labour market ...   Read More »

The paper of Zsófia Benedek, Imre Fertő and Adrienn Molnár has published in Agriculture and Human Values

Off to market: but which one? Understanding the participation of small-scale farmers in short food supply chains—a Hungarian case study Agriculture and Human Values ...   Read More »

László Á. Kóczy’s book released by Springer International Publishing AG

László Á. Kóczy Partition Function Form Games Coalitional Games with Externalities This book presents a systematic overview on partition function form games: a game form ...   Read More »

IE HAS researchers at AES annual conference

The 92nd annual conference of the Agricultural Economics Society will be held at The University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, from Monday 16th to Wednesday ...   Read More »

Our emeritus researchers

In agreement with the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences the title ’emeritus researcher’ was awarded to Koltay Jenő Madarász Aladár Soós Károly ...   Read More »

István Kónya’s new book published at Palgrave Macmillan

Economic Growth in Small Open Economies Lessons from the Visegrad Countries Konya, Istvan 2018, Palgrave Macmillan This book studies the economic growth and development ...   Read More »

Presentations of our researchers on the Kornai90 conference

The importance of János Kornai’s research for understanding the changing role of the state in the economy Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest Date: 21-22 ...   Read More »

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