English, advanced degree

Research topics

Economics of innovation
Innovation systems (national and sectoral)
Methods and relevance of (technology) foresight to innovation policy
Innovation policy, the interaction of innovation policy and professional policies
Social innovation
Measurement of innovation



1978 - 1983
Károly Marx University of Economics, Közgazdasági Kar, certified economist
1986 - 1988
Károly Marx University of Economics, Institute for Continuing Education in Economics, economic sociologist
- 1997
MTA, , a közgazdaságtudomány kandidátusa

Research stays

University College of Dublin
MERIT, University of Limburg
London School of Economics
European University Institute, Florence,Visiting Fellow
SPRU, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Visiting Fellow
SPRU, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Visiting Fellow
SPRU, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Visiting Fellow
University of Campinas, Visiting Professor


Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Doctoral School of Business and Organizational Sciences
Kaposvár University Faculty of Economics
University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Economics
Faculty of Economic Sciences
Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest


Central European Countries: Historical legacies and current performance, invited presentation, „Russia and European transition in a historical perspective”, University of Sussex, Brighton, 13 December 2019
Social and Business Innovations: Close links in practice – but two worlds apart in theorising?, keynote lecture, ISIRC 2018, "Bridging Social and Business Innovation", Heidelberg, 3–5 September 2018
STI policies and framework conditionsfor innovationIt takes (at least) two to improve innovation performance, invited presentation, „Actualité de Jean-Jacques Salomon”, CNAM, Paris, 18 March 2019
One more industrial revolution? Industry 4.0 from a policy angle, invited presentation, „The Global Lithuanian Economic Forum”, Vilnius, 10 November 2016
Innovation and Business-Academia Collaborations, invited presentation, the 8th Annual Congress of University-Industry Cooperation Centers Platform: „Diversity in business-academia collaborations: Policy implications”, Konya, Turkey, 9 June 2015
Structural changes in the national innovation systems of the EU10 countries, invited presentation, „Achievements and Challenges for the Emerging Economies of Central Europe”, UCL, London, 22–24 June 2015
STI and Socio-Economic Development: Theories, measurement, and policy, invited presentation, „Encuentro internacional de e-Ciencia”, Barranquilla, 13 May 2015
A Hungarian paradox? On the potential reasons for a poor innovation performance, invited presentation, Innovation and market transition, KIER, Kyoto 9 June 2014
S&T Foresight in Central and Eastern Europe, invited presentation, XV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, Moscow, 2–3 April 2014
Innovation and Economic Development: Policy implications for Central European countries, invited presentation, Poznan, World Innovation Days, 28 September 2009
Foresight programmes in Europe: links to policy-making processes, invited presentation, The 3rd International Conference on Foresight, Tokyo, 19–20 November 2007
STI Policies: Learning opportunities and traps for policy-makers, invited presentation, IPEA, Brasilia, 25 August 2005
Context and Focus of Foresight Programmes: Their relevance for policy-making and methodological lessons, invited presentation, CGE, Brasilia, 24 August 2005
The Actual and Potential Role of Foresight in Policy-Making in Central and Eastern European Countries, invited presentation, Supporting Systems for the Formulation of Public Policies in S,T&I, São Paulo, Brazil, 26–29 April 2005
Lehet-e húzóágazat a ...ipar? Egyik sem – és bármelyik! Tisztázatlan fogalmak, gazdaságpolitikai csapdák, Innovációs Tavasz: Lehet-e húzóágazat a járműipar?, NKTH, 2005. március 1.
Options and Traps for STI policy, invited presentation, "Moving Towards Knowledge-based Economy: Does Estonia Have a Chance? What model for Estonian innovation system?", Tallinn, 3–4 November 2005
Paradoxes of the Hungarian Innovation Support System?, invited presentation, The European Research Evaluation Network Conference, Manchester, 17 November 2005
Innovation and Competitiveness: Firms, networks, and sectoral systems of innovation and production, invited presentation, 4th Industrial Engineering Conference, Tehran, 11–12 December 2015
The Lisbon-Barcelona Strategy and its Impacts on National Policies in Central European Accession Countries, invited presentation, "Competitiveness of small economies - how will small countries such as the Baltic States compete in the EU single market?", Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, 23–24 April 2004
Policy challenges and options for Central European Countries, invited presentation, "Technological Innovation and Globalisation: Implications for Intermediate Developed Countries", ISCTE, Lisbon, 23–24 October 2003

Employment history

Institute of Industrial Economics
junior research fellow
National Management Development Centre
Budapest University of Economics
Management Development Institute
Budapest University of Economics
IKU, Innovation Research Centre
research fellow
TEP, Technology Foresight Programme
programme director
UN University
INTECH, Institute for New Technologies
Institute of Economics
senior research fellow
Institute of Economics
senior research fellow
Institute of Economics
senior research fellow